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Why Telegram Bots?

Telegram bot is a new and trending business instrument that help companies make business relations and client support easier and cheaper.

The development of a chat bot is much cheaper than a mobile app, it also works without installing. Telegram is one of the most popular messengers worldwide, so most of your customers already use it on a daily basis.

Chat bots are able to answer your clients' questions, process orders, receive payments, send notifications, and many other things. In fact, creating a chat bot raises business operations to a new level.

Telegram bots can solve numerous business problems. A bot looks like a regular app with a minimalistic interface, and it works on all your platforms with no need to install anything anywhere.

Advantages of Telegram bots

  1. Access from any device.

    You save money because there is no need to develop separate applications for Android, iPhone and computer - chats are automatically synchronized with all devices.

  2. Instant replies.

    Clients quickly receive answers to questions in messages from the bot, this reduces the response time to the application, as a result, the conversion increases. You can easily change bot's messages.

  3. Clients and chats.

    Bots work both independently and inside chats, and allow you to get an instant response, for example, to clarify the prices for services and the availability of goods.

  4. Integration.

    Bots integrate seamlessly with business applications such as 1C, CRM, CMS.

  5. Quick access to contacts.

    Bots allow you to quickly get contact information from customers, such as a phone number and location, to transfer them to managers. The sales funnel is shrinking!

  6. Confidentiality.

    No one will have access to your correspondence with clients.

  7. Without registering.

    Authorization is not required - just installing the Telegram client, which is now used by more than 500,000,000 people.

  8. Accept payments.

    Thanks to integration with payment systems, the bot can accept secure payments from customers.

  9. Statistics.

    You will have complete statistics of calls and correspondence with customers.

Telegram bots can be used for:

  • ordering pizza, sushi

  • doctor's appointments

  • request information about the availability of goods

  • displaying the value of currencies, stocks

  • taxi call

  • promotional notifications to customers

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The cost of developing a telegram bot starts from €1000. The price depends on the functionality that needs to be implemented.

From 10 days

3 months free technical support

From €1000.

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