Why us?

400+ marketing and IT projects in 5 countries worldwide

Goals First

We have lots of statistical data and thousands of marketing cases; we use it to set specific and measurable business goals.

Rapid Development

We develop faster because of optimizing all the intermediate stages between design, coding markup, CMS application and initial SEO. We work on all these steps simultaneously with strict compliance to our standards.

Cut Your Expenses

A business can buy lots of cheap traffic with low conversion rates. Or it can buy much less expensive traffic that results in high conversion rates - but the customers will also be expensive. Our competence is to get expensive customers at a low price.

We train

We improve the skills of our clients' personnel in working with the company's website and other Internet marketing tools.

We improve your customer relationships

We know many business experts in various industries. They tell why the client comes to them and when he returns. We use this knowledge for the benefit of our customers so that the client returns to them.

Website Development and Promotion

Business Site

Modern marketing website with exclusive stylish design. Adaptive markup for all devices, online ordering, technical preparation for advertising and SEO.


Catalog with categorization, filtering and search. Customization for the specifics of the product grid. Solutions for ordering, international sales in different currencies and automatic loyalty programs. Integration with third-party products, including 1C.

Landing Page

Single page website for selling single product or service. Designed especially for CPC or social media promotion and high conversion rate.

Exclusive Development

Unique software solution according to the technical task. Analysis, optimization and implementation of customer requirements. Prototyping of the interface and functionality of the site. Maintenance.


Effective and exceptionally safe methods to increase organic search traffic and the proportion of the target audience. Analysis of the company's marketing. Drawing up a strategy to increase sales.

CPC (Contextual Advertising)

Maximizing ROI on Google AdWords (and Yandex Direct for russian-speaking audiences). Implementing software to interact with website, e-commerce, web analytics and third-party services. Effective solutions for B2B sales.

Social Targeting

Segmenting customer's target audiences and making strategies of interacting witht them. Testing strategies and approaches. Improving potential customers' awareness about the company and its products/services.


Public relations. Solving the problems of our cutomers' audiences, improving the customer service. Creating content and maintaining the reputation in social media.

Telegram bots can solve numerous business problems. A bot looks like a regular app with a minimalistic interface, and it works on all your platforms with no need to install anything anywhere.

Chat bots are able to answer your clients' questions, process orders, receive payments, send notifications, and many other things.

Who We Are

We create high-technological marketing solutions since 2013. SynWeb is a team of marketers and software developers mostly based in Moscow, Russia.

We have created a lot of proprietary tools that we use to increase sales of our customers.

SynWeb team is constantly looking for new beneficial marketing solutions and methods that help our clients do better business. For 9 years we have taken part in more than 400 marketing and IT projects in five countries of the world.

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